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Way To Go, Justine!

Congratulations to Justine Aloise, who has passed the Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) Exam and is now a licensed Professional Engineer.

“This is a goal I have been working toward for quite some time, and it feels so incredible to have achieved it,” she said.

Justine joined MH Professional Engineering in 2019 and serves a unique dual role as both Commissioning Associate - her primary role - and Mechanical Designer alongside our other mechanical engineers.

She enjoys all aspects of her job, but her work as a commissioning agent is especially rewarding.

"When I am commissioning building systems, I look forward to the entire process. I thrive on client interaction and carrying out both pre-functional and functional testing, but I also appreciate the part of my job that allows me to work on components of commissioning reports and Systems & Energy Management Manuals," Justine said. "There are so many facets to my position that I love. I feel very grateful to have found this niche."

Justine added that she takes great pride in knowing her commissioning work will ultimately yield a building that functions as well or better than expected while providing the building owner with financial savings over a building's lifespan.

"I know that my work is very quality-focused and yields so many positive benefits. It is so rewarding," she said. “I am such a proponent of the entire commissioning process for so many reasons. It just makes good sense for any building – new and existing.”

A native of Upstate NY, when Justine is not working, she enjoys reading, cross stitching and spending time with her husband, Isaac, and her two dogs, Chinggis and Soju. She also loves to travel and is planning a trip to Corsica to celebrate passing the PE exam.


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