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New Binghamton Fire Station Progressing

Updated: Jun 27

MH Professional Engineering is serving as the lead Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Protection Engineers for the construction of a new a 18,043-square-foot full-time firehouse and 1,309-square-foot accessory building.

The city recently broke ground on the $8.45 million downtown fire station. The public safety facility replaces a former station that was shuttered because of structural issues. That firehouse provided services to the community for more than five decades, and would have cost $3 million to renovate. Officials instead opted for new construction. The new facility, being built at 235 Court St., will have five vehicle bays, bunk areas for firefighters, a kitchen, a dining area and a decontamination room, which can prevent hazardous toxins from spreading throughout the facility.

Rendering Courtesy of Mitchell Associates Architects

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