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Meet Mariela Monterroso - Intern to Employee

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Mariela Monterroso knew engineering was her destiny while participating in a STEM camp the summer before her freshman year of high school.

“At first, I was interested in mechanical engineering, but then I took a technology class and I built circuits, which then got me interested in how power is generated and how it works in everything that is electronic or based on electricity,” Mariela said.

In 2019, as a Niskayuna High School senior, Mariela began interning at MH Professional Engineering.

Today, she is pursuing an electrical engineering degree at SUNY Albany and remains a fixture at our firm.

With her internship days behind her, Mariela works part-time at our office helping primarily with tasks relating to electrical engineering and building commissioning. She’s even had an opportunity to get a bit of fieldwork experience.

Mariela credits the employees at MH Professional Engineering with helping her budding passion to flourish.

“They have helped me figure out what I want to do and understand what it is like to be an engineer, and I love that the female presence in engineering is growing!”

“I’ve found that some of the concepts used I already knew just by a different name, like bollards or wall packs, for example. I knew what they were just not by name,” she added. I’ve learned a lot about how to map the layout of a space and how everything that is being done to a space must meet the code and certain standards.”

In her limited free time, Mariela can be found playing volleyball, taking part in SUNY Albany’s Ultimate Frisbee Team, and coaching girls’ gymnastics.

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