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Proudly Celebrating Another Milestone

MH Professional Engineering is proudly marking its 9th anniversary – that is nearly a decade since our firm principal, Michelle Houghtaling, began her own woman-owned, full-service Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing design and Commissioning firm.

Based in Clifton Park, what began as a small operation with just a trio of employees has blossomed into a 13-member team. But we know it is not the quantity of team members that equates to excellence, but the quality, and we have the some of the finest, most experienced talent around. Our employees also happen to be some pretty outstanding human beings.

“These last nine years have been the most challenging and extremely rewarding years of my life, noted Michelle. “I am so unbelievably proud of our team, the quality of the work we produce day in and day out, and the amazing projects we have had the opportunity to work on over the years. It’s all very humbling and I feel extremely fortunate.”

Michelle added that she is grateful to all of the clients who entrust us on a daily basis to deliver the best possible engineering design and commissioning services.

“Consistency is key,” she said. “One of the things we are known for is delivering consistent, accurate services. “Clients never want to wonder if their next job will be as good as their last, and with us in their court, that is never a concern.”

The entire team is looking forward to celebrating this milestone and many more important milestones ahead.

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